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You won’t get to see all users on Tinder. The dating app works locally. You will only be shown those who are within a maximum radius of 160 kilometers from you. You can also set a smaller radius. A range can also be set with regard to age. Tinder easy and quick. The initial registration takes place via your own Facebook account. The photos that you would like to show on Tinder are also loaded from there. But the app also pulls pretty much all of the personal information stored there. The flirt app not only shows when interests match, mutual friends can also be seen. For many this is certainly a deterrent hookup app reviews. It is not possible to register without Facebook. Tinder hopes that this will reduce fake profiles. However, creating false profiles on Facebook is not rocket science. You can’t get rid of the feeling that there are plenty of fakes around. Insanely pretty women and men are present with many insanely great pictures in which they are staged insanely unusual. Tinder shows you pictures to other users. Men or women – or both. As you set it to be. If you like the picture, just swipe it to the right. If you don’t like the picture, swipe it to the left. Then comes the next picture immediately. You hardly find out who is behind the picture. Inquisitive people can tap on the picture and learn a little more. A text up to 500 characters long can be used to describe a person. If the user has stored more than just the profile picture, you can get a closer impression of the possible flirt partner. Mostly it’s a quick swipe to the left. Of course, you should also flirt, not just wipe. As soon as the other person reciprocates an affectionate stroke, you can start. If the rated person also likes their own picture, there is a so-called “match”. If it is done, you can write. Alternatively, you can send animated gifs in addition to text. The added value of the paid Tinder Plus app is manageable. Places other than the current whereabouts can also be selected for payers. If the last wipe reflexively went in the direction of “No”, this error can also be canceled. As a subscriber, you can also distribute unlimited “likes”. These are now limited for free users. These extensions cost a maximum of 19.99 euros per month. The prices are staggered. Those who are young pay less. Tinder is clearly on the course of favorites as the best dating app thanks to its large range of free functions. Tinder is quick, easy, and fun. At least at the beginning. Always new pictures keep the tension high.

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